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Greetings and Salutations!! I thank God I am alive, and for the opportunity to share my strength, hope and experience with you. I am blessed and highly favored. As a result of my many life experiences, I have been able to know what it is like to overcome addictions and other life threatening challenges. I am absolutely convinced that it is my duty to share those experiences honestly, as a way of encouraging others (like you) to do the same. This blog is written for all of us who are trying to experience wellness. We all have a piece of the puzzle; a part of the answer to what life is all about. Addictions are at the core of what is holding many of us hostage to our own passions and desires.


Having overcome many addictions and developing a level of discipline has given me a chance to help others do the same. That is especially useful today, when there are so many things that people are addicted to. I never would have thought that the pain and suffering I lived with as a result of my addictions to drugs and alcohol would be the very thing that would be my greatest life lesson, but that is exactly what has happened. I was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, when there were no drugs or hope for us, and many were shunned and stigmatized. I was forced to rely on faith, hope and love and learn how to live in a way that supported wellness. Those lessons, and the research I still do to continue to grow, has given me a base of knowledge that I am compelled to share with the world!


As a matter of fact, my life has been like a movie, one in which I have been able to…forced to develop many talents in order to position myself to better help to create an atmosphere that is conducive to healing. Look, it’s like this. I have been a radio and television personality, produced independent media, I’ve been an author and advocate for holistic healing solutions, including vegetarianism, and other conscious efforts to “participate in our own survival/salvation” because if we are not doing so, “we are most certainly complicit in our own demise”. Here we will discuss holistic healing solutions, and share honest situations that we are dealing with in our lives. We will enlighten ourselves about how to have life, and have it more abundantly! I have been resurrected and you can too. No matter what you are dealing with in your life, there is hope.


Our attitudes are the thing that we have control over, and we create our own reality with every thought. In this blog, we will create a new reality; individually, in our families, and in the world community! I have been blessed that my wife and I have spent over 25 years together and she is still HIV negative. We have reared four children, and that in itself has been quite an experience. In this blog you will find honesty and information on how to overcome whatever you are going through. You will be motivated to participate in your own salvation. You will be engaged in W.A.R – Wellness, Awareness, and Recovery. You will be loved. I thank you so much for being – and giving me a reason to be alive!! Peace & Blessings Reggie Smith.